Post-war Vintage 1919 was considered good without being exceptional.
A century later, the few well-preserved bottles are still a living proof of the aging potential of the wines of Château Cheval Blanc.


 1919 is a solar vintage. The heat wave of August continued in drought during the month of September.



14th May 2011

Amber color with pink and golden reflections.

The nose is subtle and seems to indicate that the wine has passed. Fortunately, aeration awakens this almost centennial wine on smoky notes which then open slowly on a complex bouquet, floral and delicate, remarkably fresh.

Aerial and ample, it has lost its structure, retaining only a fresh acid frame and a good amplitude in the mouth. However, the aromatic palette is still of great complexity: caramel, humus, leather, malt, fruit brandy. Minutes of aeration allow him to express himself with a greater length and intensity.