1928 and 1929 are one of the most remarkable pair of vintages in Cheval Blanc history.

Very different in style from 1929, Château Cheval Blanc 1928 has seen its exceptional tannins polished over decades and aromas gradually focus on typical tertiary flavors. Seeming to be built for eternity, this wine still shows ageing potential despite its venerable age.


The weather was exceptionally beautiful throughout the year.

1928 climate allowed the grapes to reach perfect maturity and a rare richness.


15th April 2010

At the last tasting of this vintage, the first nose was blurred and dusty. However, after a few minutes of aeration, the wine had totally changed. The glasses were filled with autumn and leathery aromas and notes of dried black fruits.

The attack reveals sharp. The legendary tannins of this wine have been polished over decades and silkily fill the palate. The aromatic palette is particularly rich and complex: wild berries, lime leaves, dark fruit, spices, truffles...

The mouth extensively deploys so straight and accurate, without the slightest loss of breath for this wine which still looks young for his venerable age.