The horizon is dark, the threat of war is becoming clearer and the world is on the brink of disaster ...
It is a very mixed year in climate that offered a chthonic wine, currently oriented towards tertiary aromas of undergrowth.


A year of much contrasted climate, marked by a severe frost in April. Spring and summer were both hot and rainy.


15th April 2010

The dress, although in agreement with the age of the wine, is still quite dark.

The nose evokes the earth, undergrowth, truffles. It is complex and based on an earthy dominant, with noble hints of menthol and root. After aeration, humus and spices appear.

In the mouth it seems to lack a little definition, but the mid-palate reveals full, generous and upright. The finish is however rather hard because of the likely absence of malolactic fermentation, a process which was not controlled at that time.