This was a benchmark year for Cheval Blanc when the new barrel cellar was inaugurated. 1975 Cheval Blanc was a fine vintage with low yields. The wine's austerity in its youth gave way to a dense, high-quality tannic texture that continues to provide a great deal of pleasure​.



Temperatures were close to usual, except July and August, which were rather hot.  May, June, July, and August were dry months, whereas September was fairly wet.


In order to grow well, the vine needs for water stress to set in slowly so the grapes to ripen well and become concentrated. The water balance shows that water stress was fairly important this year.



Ripening took place at an average date.  Many of the Merlot grapes had been affected by coulure, which accounts for the low yields. 1975 came after a series of difficult vintages, including the heavy rains during the 1974 harvest. Having been put off by these challenges, many estates picked too early in 1975, which led to austere wines that did not develop well in bottle. However, Cheval Blanc's early-maturing microclimate, and the decision to wait for the Cabernet Franc grapes to ripen fully, resulted one of the most beautiful wines produced in Bordeaux that year.

  Begin End
1975 harvest dates September, 28th October, 8th
Average harvest dates: 1946-2014 September, 24th October, 8th


1975 yield    (hl/ha) Average yield: 1946 to 2014
21.5 33.9


Degree of alcohol 13
Total acidity (g H2 S04/L) -
Volatile acidity (g H2 SO4/L) 0.49
pH -
Free SO2 (mg/L) -
Reducing sugar content (g/L) 1.8
IPT (DO280) 58



The new cellars were inaugurated in style on the 27th of June 1975, so the great 1975 vintage was fully worthy of this milestone in the château's history.

The wine has a beautiful, deep colour that is still fairly dark despite a few signs of age.

The bouquet features expressive, complex aromas of Virginia tobacco, candied fruit, dried banana, and candied orange that blend elegantly with roasted and coffee notes.

The wine starts out round and velvety on the palate, going on to show plenty of richness and body. It is very tannic, but not at all dry. 1975 Cheval Blanc is fruity and still very fresh. Intensely spicy and concentrated, it is rich, powerful, and aromatic, with hints of cinnamon and gingerbread, as well as chocolate and truffle. A long, rich aftertaste (featuring overtones of coriander that one finds in certain great vintages of Cheval Blanc) completes this highly exceptional wine.

1975 Cheval Blanc is a great success, combining finesse and sumptuousness. Although somewhat firm, it still provides enormous pleasure at age 40.